What is QODA?

QODA is an evolutionary way for anyone who needs immediate roadside assistance. QODA is a peer-to-peer service app that gives drivers better access to people who can help them with common vehicle inconveniences that leave you stranded. Unlike standard roadside services that tend to take too long to get to you and charge too much for services, QODA leverages the community of drivers around you to get you back on the road more quickly and at a lower cost. The services QODA provides are change of tire(s), battery charge, and gas delivery.

How do I sign up to be a customer or service provider?

It is easy to join QODA as a customer or service provider or both! Just download our app in the Apple App Store, Android Google Play, or sign up on our website, qodamobile.com. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to sign up as either a customer or service provide in the app and online. We also send you emails to tell you what to do next after most steps. If you ever have a question, contact us directly at support@qodamobile.com.

Why does QODA ask me to complete a background check as a service provider?

It’s simple. We want everyone using QODA as a customer or service provider to be safe. A background check is the simplest way for QODA to ensure the safety of you and our customers by filtering out undesired service provider candidates. QODA will initiate the background check via HireRight once you’ve created a profile through the app or qodamobile.com. If you have any concerns about our background check process, please contact us immediately at support@qodamobile.com.

What happens if I didn’t take the training video?

The training video is another critical part of being a QODA service provider. In the training video, you will learn or refresh your memory on how to perform the services QODA offers. It will also tell you about QODA’s customer service and how to make each service a pleasant experience for both the customer and the service provider. You will not be able to provide services if you do not watch the training video and complete the short quiz at the end.

How many times can I take the short quiz at the end of the training video?

To pass the quiz at the end of the training video, you have to get 100% of the questions correct. Fortunately, you have unlimited opportunities to watch the training video and take the quiz. If you have difficulty wathing the training video or taking the quiz or are unable to have your quiz results captured, please contact us immediately at support@qodamobile.com.

Why do I need to have a Stripe™ account as a service provider?

Stripe™ is the payment method QODA utilizes to pay our service providers. Stripe™ is the easiest way to manage your earnings, get transaction details, and dispute charges if necessary.

Why do I pay for my service before the service is complete?

QODA utilizes Stripe™ as our payment method. Stripe™ will ask you for your debit or credit card information to complete your profile setup. Once you request a service, QODA mobile will authorize the charge. This authorization will only be charged to your debit or credit card once the service request is complete. If the service request is not completed, the charge will not go through as a final payment.

What is Stripe™?

Stripe™ is the payment conduit for QODA mobile application. It is how we collect payments and process refunds for services requested through the mobile application. Stripe™ is used by many mobile applications familiar to you. Check them out here https://stripe.com/about!

What happens if the service provider is unable to resole my roadside assistance need?

If the service provider is unable to resolve your roadside assistance need, they will simply cancel the request and you will not be charged the “service fee” or the “distance fee”. At QODA, we are working to generate a list of preferred mechanics and tow companies to assist you if your needs are beyond what QODA can provide.

How is the service charge calculated for the customer?

The service charge for the customer has two components. The first component is called the “service fee”. This is the fee for the service itself. The “service fee” will differ based on the service you require and the city or state you live in. The second component of the charge is the “distance fee”. This fee is based on the distance between you and the service provider. We understand that sometimes traffic adds additional time, so we base this charge on the distance between you and the service provider and not the time it take for them to reach you. The customer will be able to see the cost of service before accepting the service provider, so there are no surprises.

What happens if the customer disputes the service and associated charges?

The customer has the right to dispute any service and the associated service charge if they feel the service was not completed in a safe manner. If the customer disputes the service and the associated service charge, the service provider will have 24 hours from the time of the dispute to ask for a resolution with QODA. If the service provider does not ask for a resolution after 24 hours, QODA will refund the “service fee” ONLY [customer will still pay for the “distance fee”] and the service provider will only receive the “distance fee” and will not receive payment for that actual service. QODA will always try to resolve the issue in a way that is beneficial to both the customer and service provider.

How do I no longer use QODA as a customer or service provider?

We hate to see you no longer use QODA as your preferred roadside assistance app, but we understand that sometimes you no longer need our service. To stop using QODA, simply delete the app from your phone. Or contact us at support@qodamobile.com to have us delete your profile. Download the app at any time to resume use of QODA.